DRAMA sets up the Women SI Circle 2017-2018 and creates a real think tank of modern feminism.

How do you develop commitment around Armani Sì from women from all over the world?

An influencing strategy and activation strategy, and the creation and coordination of a global mentoring program alongside the project incubators.

In 2017, DRAMA created the Cercle Sì, a genuine modern feminist Think Tank... With an international mentoring program, deployed locally in each of the markets, as the key result.

  • This campaign won the Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe 2017 in the Promotional campaigns, Press, Public relations, Special campaigns and Sponsorship category
  • A sounding board 10x more powerful than a standard classic advertising campaign
  • A unique brand territory that bridges the gap between the world of fashion and Armani Sì fragrance
  • A powerful synergy between influential women and local clients that has created commitment around Armani Sì and strengthened attachment to the Brand

By highlighting the issues facing women in the contemporary world, the Sì Circle is opening a dialogue with them and giving them a major role in brand communication.

The power of media impact via the digital platforms of the Armani brand is a resonant sounding board for leveraging the words of these five influential women and creating a strong synergy around the construction of a shared commitment.

DRAMA has created a unique territory for the brand with the creation of an editorial approach rich in meaning, expressed in photos and digital films, and has created a narrative device which is characterised by its elegant and aesthetic execution.

I hope people who engage with the Circle online will come to understand that even though we might do different things, come from different places, we, as a women, often face similar challenges and obstacles. Cate Blanchett WWD - April 2017

Amy Sall

The activist citizen of the world / She says Sì... to human rights Columbia University graduate 26 years old United States, Senegal

  1. Founder of Sunujournal, a journal about Africa, in the critical and aesthetic sense

Sofia Sanchez de Betak

The nomadic fashionista/she says Sì... to her cultural identity Fashion designer and artistic director 28 years old United States, Argentina Founder @chufy

Nicole Warne

The red carpet diva / She says Sì ... to her own path Fashion editor 29 years old Australian Founder @garypeppergirl

Ulla engelström

The techBIZZ warrior / She says Sì... to self-confidence CEO 29 years old Finland Founder @thinglink

Rachel Sklar

The fighter 3.0 / She says Sì... to the power of women in the media Journalist, Lawyer 43 years old Canada

  1. Founder of "the list" a collective networking site to promote women's careers in new media. @rachelsklar

OBJECTIVES 2018 - 2019 Production of a web series of 10 episodes on 3 continents, Coverage of a qualified audience of 5 million, with 70% retention rate of women already activated, 1,500,000 conversations generated on the Armani digital ecosystem (comments, likes, retweets), 500,000 views YouTube and Instagram