DRAMA supports Christian Dior in its new digital challenges.

How do you make giving an art, a promise of a unique experience that transcends the codes of Christian Dior?

Strategic planning, e-commerce strategy, digital storytelling and creative direction.

DRAMA deploys a digital strategy that accompanies the client on an emotional journey that leads to transformation. Through an immersive and exquisite setting around the opening of a gift box, commercial opportunity is transformed into a brand experience.

  • "The Art of Giving" becomes a proprietary signature and an identifiable territory for the brand's communication
  • An average increase in e-commerce sales of +8% each year
  • A long-lasting event site

Digital teaser

On the e-commerce platform, everything is done to ensure that every step of the buying process shows that Giving is an Art.  Christian Dior's codes are enhanced through the world of the gift and the expertise of the company (the sounds, the texture of the ribbon, the feel of the papers, the famous signature fold...).

The e-commerce platform

Set up on the brand's e-commerce platform, this module succeeds in linking business performance and the extension of the brand experience.

A basket conversion rate multiplied by 2.5