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For you... what can’t money buy?

The dream, that moment when you come out of reading a book, a film and you come back to reality… when you feel that you have been living in another world, you can’t buy that, money can have no effect on that.

How are consumers’ needs and desires evolving in the post-crisis period?

Times of crisis only accelerate trends that already existed, that were already rooted in consumer needs. What is essential is the need for transparency, the desire for people to talk to us in a genuine, authentic way.

What stance should you adopt for brands?

I would suggest two words: resilience and transparency.

Resilience is the fact that a brand is sustainable. Sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean “environment”, “sustainable development”, it’s merely the fact of lasting: how do you ensure that the brand you embody will still exist in 100 years? How do you get it through the crises and various disruptions of history?


Positioning of Madame Figaro

Breathing life into a new brand position on the occasion of the magazine’s 40th anniversary

By Charlot - Brand Platform

Designing a new brand platform for By Charlot, a specialist in character plants

Orient Express

Rewriting the essence of the Orient Express as it expands its activities

Parnasse - Positioning

Supporting the repositioning of the Parnasse phone brand

Point de Vue - 75th anniversary

Giving Point de Vue magazine a contemporary image on the occasion of its 75th anniversary


Renewing the positioning of the Suze spirits brand

Guerlain - Abeille Royale 10 years old

Creating desirability by highlighting 10 years of innovation and scientific expertise

Guide Michelin

Successfully digitising the Michelin Guide with the help of a new brand strategy

Madame Figaro - Cannes Film Festiva

Making the Cannes Film Festival an opportunity for Madame Figaro to reaffirm her position as a “Woman in Motion.”

Burberry - Burberry Fragrance

Imagining a new model of femininity for the launch event of a Burberry fragrance

Dior - Miss Dior

Renewing the brand territory of the iconic Miss Dior fragrance

Dior - Prestige

Revealing the legendary story of Dior Prestige skincare to the world

Dior - Maison Christian Dior

Supporting the upgrading of the Maison Christian Dior private collection

Dior - The Art of Gifting

Creating a new business driver for Parfums Christian Dior

Armani - Sì Circle

Engaging women worldwide around the values of Armani Si

Grazia - Grazia

Reinforcing brand attachment for the launch of the new Grazia magazine format

J.M. Weston - Digital

Captivating every new generation and strengthening the international reputation of the famous French shoemaker

La Prairie

Highlighting La Prairie’s scientific expertise through a distinguished expression territory

Givenchy - The Soin Noir

Imagining the communication territory for Givenchy’s Soin Noir